Lost in Space: Season 2

Image Engine contributed creature design and animation, effects, and environments across 5 episodes in the second season of Lost in Space. The studio’s complex sequences showcased a full CG robot battle featuring a horde of robots in a space station, causing plenty of destruction. The team was also responsible for concepting and animating the “Vivs,” raptor-like aliens that maneuvered on rocky terrains, hunting the Robinson family.

Production VFX Supervisors: Jabbar Raisani

Production VFX Producer: Terron Pratt

Image Engine VFX Supervisor: Andy Walker

Image Engine VFX Producer: Geoff Anderson


In Lost In Space season two, the Robinsons continue their fight for deliverance to Alpha Centauri. The path is beset with danger, with malicious forces of the human, mechanical, and predatory variety all intent on keeping the family from their goal. Image Engine was called upon to leverage its 25 years of visual effects expertise, creating antagonist robots and alien fauna that would meet – and surpass – the thrill of those witnessed in season one.

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