We create world-class visual effects for film + television

Based in Vancouver BC, Image Engine is a world-class visual effects studio led by a team of creative and passionate individuals who are committed to furthering the art of visual storytelling. We offer a full range of visual effects services from concept designs and pre-visualization to computer-generated animation, compositing, and explosive volumetric digital effects.

Involved from the very first stages of production, our exceptionally talented crew works closely with clients to push artistic and technical boundaries. R&D is central to our philosophy of driving creativity through innovation, with a focus on continually evolving our robust production pipelines and pioneering in the area of proprietary software development. 

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Our story

Since 1995, we’ve had the privilege of bringing iconic characters to life and creating entire worlds that have captivated audiences. Well known for our Academy Award nominated work on Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, we have gone on to produce more award-winning work.

Awards & nominations

In July 2015, we joined forces with Cinesite, an industry leader in visual effects and animation with offices in London and Montreal. Located in Germany, Trixter is also part of our global family. Together, we offer the whole spectrum of visual effects services for a broad range of feature films and television series.

What we do

Explore our areas of expertise in the demo reels below. From script to screen, we are involved with all stages of the creative process. Contact us to request a quote or find out how we can bring your production to the next level.

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We create unbelievable characters, undead mutants, and fantastical beasts in immersive stories.


We transport viewers into epic new worlds of sci-fi and fantasy that feel like real life on the big screen.


Bending elements at our will, our robust FX pipeline means we can conjure up moments audiences will never forget.

Invisible VFX

Although unnoticable, effective invisible effects are crucial to seamless and authentic storytelling.

Digi Doubles

Whether it’s stunt replacements or full-frame CG actors, we use the latest technologies to make digi-doubles indistinguishable from the real thing.


Designing and planning shots in advance is key. Our previs team ensures even the most ambitious visual effects concepts can be brought to life.


Previs doesn’t stop after principal photography wraps – our team will continue to explore ideas until every shot is delivered to perfection.

Concept Art

We love building characters, creatures, and worlds – it all starts in the minds of our brilliant artists, who commit universes of imagination to paper.