Cameron Widen

Layout Department Supervisor

Cameron Widen began his career in visual effects in the spring of 2003 after graduating from CDIS (now the Art Institute of Vancouver). His first job was previsualization on I, Robot for Image Engine in the studio’s early days when the team was only 25 strong and mostly working on television effects. He then worked on Stargate: Atlantis and Dead Like Me before moving on to other animation studios in Vancouver doing more previz, as well as camera and layout duties for Saturday morning-style CG cartoons.

Cameron returned to Image Engine in 2008 to head the film previsualization team and has been with the company ever since. His career which encompasses work in both previsualization and layout has many highlights including leading a large previsualization team to work out key sequences in Rise of the Planet of the Apes; working on Elysium from the earliest stages of storyboards all the way to the very last shot as well as pitching shot ideas that were incorporated into the film, and navigating the logistical challenges of the final season of Game of Thrones.