2020 Year in Review


2020 Year in Review

We cannot express enough gratitude to our crew, colleagues, and clients for their adaptability, support, and collaboration over the last year. 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, but we would be remiss if we didn’t touch on our artists’ achievements over this time too. In our “2020 Year In Review,” we reflect on our team’s work by highlighting the case studies, most loved reels, and awards our crew has won over the past year – a year that also marks our 25th anniversary.

December 29, 2020


Image Engine celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. For 25 years, we’ve had the privilege of bringing to life iconic characters and settings in stories that have captivated audiences.



Our case study on the visual effects of Mulan explores how Image Engine instilled the beautiful environments of the film with epic scale while keeping its work hidden from the roving eye.

The Mandalorian: Season 1

With his cold demeanor and inscrutable T-shaped visor, Boba Fett achieved cult status among Star Wars’ legions of fans. Nevertheless, the backstory of his people received little more than lip service; Fett wore the armour of Mandalore, but the story of his heritage went only skin deep. Disney+ launch show (and the first-ever live-action Star Wars television series) The Mandalorian sets out to remedy this. It takes audiences further below the surface of Mandalorian martial culture via the experiences of one lone gun-for-hire as he seeks to earn his living. Image Engine went along for the ride, handling 441 shots that tell the tale of this bounty hunter and the people from whom he hails.

Lost in Space: Season 2

In Lost In Space season two, the Robinsons continue their fight for deliverance to Alpha Centauri. The path is beset with danger, with malicious forces of the human, mechanical, and predatory variety all intent on keeping the family from their goal. Image Engine was called upon to leverage its 25 years of visual effects expertise, creating antagonist robots and alien fauna that would meet – and surpass – the thrill of those witnessed in season one.