Daniele Tosti

Lighting Department Supervisor

Daniele Tosti brings over 30 years of broadcast and feature film experience to his role as Lighting Department Supervisor at Image Engine.  

With a diverse educational background in both classical arts and biology, Daniele brings a keen eye and a solid understanding of the world to his work in visual effects. 

While studying, Daniele discovered the world of computer science and graphics and decided to pursue it as a career. His first job was as a graphic operator for live television on an Italian station broadcasting to over 40 million people. 

Daniele then spent years working for various production companies around the world at studios such as Artech, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Framestore, MPC, Animation Lab, and Weta, creating computer games, animation, and commercials and supervising one of the first feature animated films made in Canada.

During this time, Daniele contributed to such films as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Avatar, Iron Man 3, The Jungle Book, Rampage, and Mulan

In 2020, drawn to Image Engine’s quality work, crew, and production culture, Daniele Tosti joined the studio as Lighting Department Supervisor. In this role, he facilitates an environment where his team can improve upon their craft, reach production goals and ultimately do their best work. 

His dedication to artists and the visual effects craft extends to his spare time where he hosts interviews with established artists and technicians in the industry through his YouTube channel, TheCGCareer.