Robin Hackl

Robin Hackl
Visual Effects Supervisor

As a founder of Image Engine, Robin’s experience in visual effects and post-production dates back to the “dawn of digital time” in Vancouver! Robin currently brings his diverse experience, expertise in client relations and creativity to the table as Visual Effects Supervisor on a broad range of feature film projects.

Driven by his passions for art and technology Robin made his mark in the burgeoning Vancouver visual effects market in 1987 at Icon Computer Graphics. Moving on to become the Creative Director at FINALE Editworks, he was responsible for leading the visual effects team on projects including Poltergeist and The Twilight Zone.

In response to the growing visual effects industry in Vancouver at that time, Robin joined forces with partners Greg Holmes and Christopher Mossman in 1996 to launch Image Engine, where he continued to develop an integral role, creating stunning visual effects for television.

As a vital contributor to Image Engine’s first feature film, Robin led the specially formed division of artists on Slither, and has gone on to be the Visual Effects Supervisor for a number of subsequent feature film productions including Blades of Glory, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, The Incredible Hulk, and Orphan.

His leadership and creative skills are often also called upon on-set, where he has provided invaluable support to productions including The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, as a Visual Effects Plate Supervisor.

Robin’s recent contributions to the studio’s portfolio include supervision of Elysium, Point Break, The Revenant, Deadpool, and Captain America: Civil War.