Ready, Set, Run! Image Engine at the 2023 Sun Run


Image Engine Takes Part in the 2023 Sun Run

A little rain didn’t stop us! Congrats to the Image Engine “RUN-der Farm” crew for completing the 10k Vancouver Sun Run in the less than ideal wet weather on April 16, 2023.

The annual Vancouver Sun Run is a much-anticipated event in Vancouver, and this year was no exception. Our team at Image Engine was excited to participate in the 10K race on Sunday, April 16, 2023. We’re so proud to see over 50 of our crew members joined in the fun. After a collaborative brainstorm, our team was officially dubbed “RUN-der Farm,” and they trained hard to prepare for the big day.

On race day, rain or shine, our team showed up with smiles on their faces and determination in their hearts. Seeing so many of our colleagues come together to support each other and achieve their fitness goals was truly inspiring. Congratulations to everyone on team RUN-der Farm for their hard work and dedication!

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