Employee of the Month – March 2023

Feature Crew

Employee of the Month

March 2023

From exceeding expectations to displaying exceptional teamwork, these folks have really knocked it out of the park. Thank you for your impact at Image Engine!

Our talented crew members are the heart and soul of our award-winning VFX work and we love to recognize and reward their hard work through our “Employee of the Month” award! It’s our way of saying thanks and showing appreciation for all the amazing things happening throughout our teams. From exceeding expectations to displaying exceptional teamwork, these folks have knocked it out of the park. Thank you for your impact at Image Engine!

And thank you to our crew for taking the time to write nominations and acknowledging your co-workers with such heartfelt praise and gratitude!

Sonali Dutta

Look Dev Artist

It would be an understatement to say that Sonali is the heart and soul of the look dev team. Her efforts to keep in touch with everyone on the team and beyond, despite the fact that most people work from home, are remarkable. Not only does she share her knowledge with her colleagues, she actually deeply cares about them. She participates in many volunteer programs, most notably being a mentor for Women in Animation. She also makes a unique effort to bring together colleagues from different teams, both at work and afterwards. To sum it up, she really gives the work a human touch which is a very important and underestimated thing… It is an honour to know and work with her.

Daniel Morales

Creature FX TD

Daniel has never-ending patience and understanding in helping the CFX team. Not only is he building training documentation and setting up tutorials, but he also often drops what he is doing to assist any member with any issues they are having. Daniel has a great attitude and makes sure that team members never feel like they are burdening him. He has the spirit and attitude that makes him a pleasure to work with.

Sam Smart

Department Production Manager

Multiple nominations celebrated Sam for being the point person for the Animation department. He has made the effort to connect individually with every animator in the department. Professionally communicating both the studio message and our more specific animation supervisor collective sentiments. Sam has done a fantastic job, and always has his cheery demeanour. Just amazing. Glad to have someone like Sam running our department.

Alex Galbraith

Pipeline TD

Alex has really dug into the Pipeline and has been slaying tickets on a regular basis. He is an asset to the department and the company as a whole. His superhuman memory and ability to summarize information concisely have been instrumental in keeping everyone on the same page and focused on what really matters.

Our incredible crew

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