Employee of the Month – February 2023

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Employee of the Month

February 2023

We're thrilled to announce the winners for February 2023, and we couldn't be prouder of their incredible impact at Image Engine. We're so grateful to have them on our team!

At Image Engine, we believe in recognizing and rewarding our employees for their hard work and dedication. We know that every crew member is an integral part of our team, and it takes everyone working together to create the incredible, award-winning VFX work that we’re known for.

Our “Employee of the Month” award is our way of giving thanks, showing appreciation, and highlighting the achievements of our crew. We want to provide an opportunity for everyone in the studio to nominate their colleagues when they’ve truly stood out, whether it be for exceeding expectations, making a significant impact, displaying exceptional teamwork, or demonstrating personal growth and development. Thank you to our crew for taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate our co-workers with such heartfelt praise and gratitude!

Congratulations to the winners for February 2023! Read about their impact at Image Engine below.

Geoff Diamond

Look Dev Artist

Geoff has been absolutely smashing it on a huge environment build for Foundation season 2, balancing multiple assets, requests, and daily updates from multiple departments simultaneously whilst also providing up-to-date info to the team and supervisors of the asset’s progress and updates to come and hitting new notes as they come. All while working with a super tight deadline. Geoff has been awesome!

Geoff is a wonderful member of the assets team! He is very talented at what he does and always so quick and communicative. He is always super helpful and pleasant. Thanks, Geoff, for always being patient with me while I learned the ropes on Snowpiercer season 4.

Gerry Wang

Animation Artist

Gerry’s initiative to share his experience with the animation department is inspiring. He always demonstrates a willingness to assist us by offering guidance and troubleshooting support. He is always open to sharing his shot for fresh eyes and lends his own time to look at other people’s shots to give input. For all the effort that he put into the launching of the development program for the animation department. Gerry has been stepping up in the animation department immensely, from organizing department-wide animation lessons and demos to interviewing different crew members on their thoughts and methodology. He’s been the spearhead for knowledge and communication for anim!

Since I started here, Gerry has stood out as a natural leader in our department. He’s always willing to help and make everyone feel included. He’s organized movie nights, bought drinks for the group, and his most recent initiative has begun a development program with the goal of raising the teams skill level. He did a talk with some workflow tips he picked up at other studios, which was helpful for us who are newer to VFX animation, and nudging the supes/leads to share the spotlight. I think the department will see significant growth from these sessions, as well as create a healthy work environment where we collaborate and celebrate each other’s growth as artists. Gerry is an amazing, active team member and is bringing us all together with his Dev Sessions. I think he is helping create a more open, cooperative department!

Luz Salcedo Franco

VFX Assistant Editor

Luz is one of our newest members of the editorial team, and in the time that she has been here, she has become an indispensable addition to The Mandalorian season 3 and another project at Image Engine. At times when both the show demands were high and personal circumstances drew me away from my role, we could not have gotten through all that needed to be done without her.

Luz is always enthusiastic to roll up her sleeves and pitch in. She is thoughtful, proactive, and fast at driving dailies; indispensable for her contribution to so many other critical tasks, and, above all for me, personally so, so supportive. Her presence on our team has been a gift.

Jesse Cheung

VFX Coordinator

Jesse deserves the award for always looking out for his team! Jesse has been a great communicator on Snowpiercer season 4, always supportive when you need any help or someone to listen to any problem that might come up. In addition to that, he always tries to make sure that no one feels stressed or overwhelmed. He’s really making a connection with the people behind the tasks he’s assigning. I appreciate his incredible enthusiasm to help and support his team of compositers beyond their expectations.

For being the greatest, most talented, and hard-working production coordinator I’ve had in a long time. Jesse is really nice to deal with, caring and proficient, but also fun, making shows easier to digest when you are under pressure or during crunch time. A great team player no doubt.

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