Viktoria Rucker

Visual Effects Producer

With a diverse skill set honed over years of experience, Viktoria Rucker joins Image Engine as a VFX producer. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Audiovisual Media from Stuttgart Media University and enriched her studies through an exchange semester program at Nanyang Technological University (ADM) in Singapore.

Viktoria’s journey began as a visual effects coordinator at RISE Visual Effects Studios for TV series like Dark, Sense 8, and Babylon Berlin, as well as blockbuster films such as Avengers: Endgame, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Dumbo, and The Dark Tower, among others. Over her five-year tenure there, she progressed from visual effects line producer on productions like Captain Marvel, Doctor Sleep, and Shazam to the role of VFX producer, overseeing projects like Gunpowder Milkshake and Lisey’s Story. After that, Viktoria became Head of Studio in Stuttgart, where she played a pivotal role in growing the team from 15 to 50 people.

Embracing new challenges, Viktoria joined ILP in Stockholm, producing the Netflix show Slumberland and in 2022, she moved to Framestore in London. There, she began as an Associate Producer for the final season of His Dark Materials and was swiftly promoted to VFX Producer.

Viktoria’s adventurous spirit led her to Vancouver and Image Engine, drawn by the studio’s exceptional reputation of the people, quality of work for character and FX, and company values. Being close to the mountains and water was also a bonus as Viktoria finds solace near the water and enjoys swimming, kayaking, and snorkelling. She also enjoys whipping up culinary creations in the kitchen and trying new restaurants.

As a VFX Producer at Image Engine, Viktoria excels in strategic planning, problem-solving, and nurturing strong client relationships. She is dedicated to creating an environment where every person can thrive with a leadership style that combines compassion and strength, echoing the belief as championed by Jacinda Ardern.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Viktoria is a proud member of Women in Animation, actively engages in personal development, and recognizes the importance of continuous learning.