Oliver Hearsey

CG Supervisor

As the CG Supervisor at Image Engine, Oliver Hearsey brings over 14 years of experience in the visual effects industry with the majority of this time spent leading and supervising teams of artists. He has become known for his hands-on experience, pipeline knowledge, and helpful problem-solving skills at Image Engine.

Oliver received a Bachelor of Science honours degree at the University of Bradford in Computer Animation and Special Effects and got his start at Escape Studios for MPC working on The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. After a year there, Oliver had the opportunity to go to Australia to work on Terminator: Salvation at Rising Sun Pictures and then moved back to London to join Framestore. Not long after starting, he moved into the lead role for tracking and roto animation on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 with the toughest sequence being Dobby’s death.

After a year, Oliver took a great opportunity at Mr. X in Toronto as the Layout/Tracking Supervisor and worked on Tron: Legacy. Career highlights include spending three months as the on-set VFX lead for Resident Evil: Retribution and being able to watch Guillermo Del Toro work on set for Crimson Peak.

After spending nearly 7 years in Toronto, Oliver decided to move across Canada and joined ILM Vancouver to work on The Lone Ranger, which was nominated for an Oscar that year for Best Visual Effects. He also worked at Pixomondo on a special venue project for National Geographic and DNEG contributing to Pacific Rim: Uprising.

In 2017, Oliver Hearsey joined the crew at Image Engine as it was well renowned in the industry. Currently, Oliver is the CG Supervisor and is responsible for the technical methodology of his projects. He works closely with the VFX Supervisor to support their vision and builds consensus on the approach amongst all departments and production to ensure smooth delivery of the work that exceeds client expectations.

A Dangerous Method – Genie Award 2011 Nomination for Achievement in Visual Effects