Greg Massie

Greg Massie

Head of Digital Content Creation

Greg Massie brings over 20 years of visual effects experience to his role as Head of Digital Content Creation at Image Engine.

As key support person for our project leadership teams as well as the department supervisors and managers, Greg’s objectives include effective priority decision-making with respect to the use of technology and deployment of optimized workflows.

Greg completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Communications at The University of Northampton in 1997 and his Masters in Computer Animation at Bournemouth University in 2001. 

After completing his Masters, Greg started working at MPC in London in the commercials department as a 3D generalist. He later moved into the film department as a Crowd Simulation TD working on Kingdom of Heaven and Batman Begins.

In 2005 Greg began work at The Mill in London and then in New York, working primarily in commercials before doing short stints at Framestore and MPC as an FX Technical Director.

In early 2007 Greg moved to Vancouver to join what was at that time Image Engine’s brand new film department as a Lead FX Artist. His first task was pitch work for The Incredible Hulk with a small team and from there it grew into a portfolio that includes many highlights such as District 9, Zero Dark Thirty, Elysium and Chappie, where Greg played a key role in building a rock solid system for the automaton’s bling – a career highlight!

Over the years Greg shifted his focus to Lighting as his passion for cinematography developed, and in 2015, pursued studies in photography at VanArts in Vancouver to help improve his visual understanding.

After completing his studies, Greg rejoined Image Engine as Senior Lighter contributing to Power Rangers, Detroit, Lost in Space, and Kin. He then moved on to ILM in Vancouver to work as a Senior Lighter on Aquaman, Captain Marvel, and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Greg came back to Image Engine in 2019 as Lighting Supervisor contributing to many of the studio’s high-profile projects including Bloodshot and Birds of Prey before taking on the role of Head of Digital Content Creation in 2020.