Adrien Vallecilla

CG Supervisor

Adrien Vallecilla is a seasoned CG Supervisor with a passion for delivering top-quality visual effects. He has honed his craft over the past nine years after graduating from ARTFX School of Digital Arts in France where he received the foundation for his journey in the industry.

Adrien started his career at MPC in Vancouver as a Lookdev and Lighting Artist. He quickly honed his skills and after a year, he moved on to join Scanline as a CG Generalist. Next, he joined Digital Domain where he spent 6 years working on many blockbuster Marvel shows like Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers: Infinity Wars, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. During his time at Digital Domain, Adrien’s talent and dedication were recognized, and he was promoted from Lookdev and Lighting Artist to Lead, and finally to CG Supervisor.

After the pandemic and the shift in studio work policies, Adrien decided to join Image Engine in October 2022 as CG Supervisor. He is committed to ensuring a smooth flow between CG departments and providing technical and artistic support to his team. He is well-known for his proactive and organized approach, which helps to keep the team’s stress levels low and avoid unnecessary overtime. 

In addition to his work at Image Engine, Adrien is also a mentor at the Think Tank Training Centre, where he is dedicated to giving back to the VFX community by sharing his knowledge and expertise with budding artists.