Celebrating 25 Years

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How Far We've Come

Image Engine is celebrating its 25th anniversary. For 25 years, we’ve had the privilege of bringing to life iconic characters and settings in stories that have captivated audiences. Story is our life’s work and at the core of Image Engine’s identity. As visual effects artists and technicians, we are proud of our role in helping filmmakers achieve their vision, weaving narratives that share a view of the world as it is and as it could be.

People Powered

Our studio’s longevity can only be credited to its people. We’ve had the pleasure through the years to work with talented artists, engineers, and support staff who continuously show their dedication to furthering the art of visual storytelling and push artistic and technical boundaries. Many hands contributed to bringing Image Engine to this point, and to them, we owe much gratitude.

Looking Forward

Marking this milestone is cause for great pride and much celebration. We’ve seen progressive growth, both in the size of our studio and in the scale and complexity of our projects through the years. All the people involved in our success to date have had a hand in establishing the groundwork for our future artists and collaborators to build upon. We’re excited for what the next chapter holds.