Foundry Session: Jurassic World [Video]

Jurassic World

Want to learn more about the creative process behind one of the biggest blockbusters of 2015?

The Foundry Sessions went behind the scenes on Jurassic World with our very own Joao Sita who presented on how Image Engine used NUKE to create the heart-thumping visual effects that brought the park back to life.

Image Engine became part of the illustrious Jurassic Park saga in the latest instalment Jurassic World, creating a variety of stunning visual effects that helped bring the prehistoric park back to life, from the film’s ferocious raptor pack of Blue, Echo, Delta and Charlie to the creation of the stampeding gallimimus and a full CG forest.

About Joao Sita
Originally from Brazil, Joao began his career in the late 90s as a generalist in a small studio in Brazil, doing everything from setting up lighting rigs, to exchanging lenses during shootings, editing and compositing. Since joining Image Engine he has lent his skills to Lone Survivor, Chappie, San Andreas and Jurassic World.

About The Foundry Sessions
The Foundry Sessions take a deep dive behind the scenes of feature films, video games, individual artists and more, revealing how The Foundry’s tools – and more – helped bring these creative endeavours to life. The Sessions are streamed live, and invite questions via social media for a relaxed, informal peek behind the curtain.