Raphael Gaudin

CG Supervisor

Raphael Gaudin brings over seven years of experience to his role as CG Supervisor at Image Engine.

Curious by nature, Raphael has always had a keen interest in making things look real, seamless, and beautiful. While finishing his studies at ArtFX in the south of France, Raphael co-directed a short film which was nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award.

Although he didn’t win, this was enough to launch his career in 2012 in Paris, where he gained experience from a fast-paced commercial work environment (Mathematic Studio).

This experience ultimately led him to join MPC London at the end of 2012 as a Lighter contributing to feature films such as 47 Ronin and The Lone Ranger.

With these credits under his belt, Raphael decided to freelance and followed multiple opportunities around the world working for such companies as Framestore (Iceland), Iloura (Australia) and Important Looking Pirates (Sweden) on a wide range of projects in high-end television and feature film including Everest, Ted 2, and Childhood’s End.

Raphael moved to Vancouver to join Image Engine in 2016 as a Lighter, working on Independence Day: Resurgence, Logan, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He was then promoted to Lighting Lead for Game of Thrones Season 8 and Lost in Space Season 1.

Raphael is always seeking new challenges, and having demonstrated his expertise in his previous roles, he accepted the opportunity to take on the role of CG Supervisor at Image Engine.

As CG Supervisor, Raphael works closely with all departments to achieve the highest quality effects for the studio and its clients. His most recent contributions in this role include Carnival Row and The Mandalorian.

2013 [Nominee] Visual Effects Society Awards – Voile NoirOutstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project