Daniel Booty

Visual Effects Producer

Daniel Booty brings over 15 years of experience to his role as Visual Effects Producer at Image Engine. 

Daniel received his Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Virtual Reality from Huddersfield University in West Yorkshire, UK. He spent a university gap year at The Mill in London where he got his first taste of visual effects as a Runner and then a 3D Generalist in the commercials department. 

Upon graduation he started a job as a Runner at Framestore London where he spent the next ten years taking on progressively senior roles, first as a Production Coordinator, then Line Producer and finally Visual Effects Producer, a role that took him to Montreal, Canada. While at Framestore, Daniel brought his expertise to many projects including Where the Wild Things Are where he had the opportunity to work directly with Spike Jonze – a career highlight, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pan, Arrival, and Mowgli, just to name a few.  

Three years after moving to Montreal, Daniel received an enticing opportunity to move to Vancouver to produce Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi on behalf of ILM. He then took on Terminator: Dark Fate with ILM as the lead vendor, where he was involved from pre-shoot all the way to final delivery, learning much about pre-production set-ups using some of the most cutting-edge tech in facial performance capture. 

Daniel joined Image Engine in 2020 to produce the second season of The Twilight Zone on behalf of the studio. 

The Twilight Zone