Alexander Fuller

CG Supervisor

Alexander Fuller has brought vast experience and knowledge at both a technical and artistic level to Image Engine as a CG Supervisor. Originally from Australia, Alex moved to Vancouver and joined Image Engine in 2016. 

In Australia, Alex studied at CGC Sydney (now known as Qantm College) in 2007 and received a Diploma of Screen in 3D Animation. He started his career in video games as a modeller and his first film production studio was at Dr. D studios working on Happy Feet 2 as a Junior Crowd Technical Director.

Alex gained experience at many studios around Australia including Ambience Entertainment working on a TV series named Figaro Pho as a Generalist/Lighting TD, Flying Bark Productions as an Asset TD on the animated film Maya the Bee, and Lead Light/Comp Supervisor on the Tashi TV series. Following that, Alex transitioned back to visual effects where he was a Lighting TD on Ted 2 and Game of Thrones: Season 6 at Iloura (now Framestore Melbourne) co-creating their light-rig and shader builder toolsets.

After seeing many colleagues make the jump overseas to Vancouver, Canada, Alex decided to follow suit for new adventures. Out of all the VFX studios in Vancouver, Alex had Image Engine at the top of his list largely due to the fact that Image Engine contributes a lot of open source code in the form of Gaffer and Cortex, which Alex was already familiar with because in his free time, he enjoys developing open source software.

Alex came aboard Image Engine as a Lighting/Pipeline/Lookdev TD in 2016 and worked on projects such as Independence Day: Resurgence, Final Fantasy Kingsglaive, Power Rangers, Kin, The Meg, and Lost in Space

In 2018, Alex joined Industrial Light & Magic to work on Skyscraper, Aladdin, Terminator Dark Fate, and The Irishman as a Senior Lighting TD. Then he re-joined Image Engine as Lead Lighting TD for The Mandalorian: Season 2 before becoming Lighting Supervisor at Tangent Animation, where he was involved in hiring, rebuilding the lighting pipeline, and helped guide the R&D team to bring the Blender Cycles renderer into Houdini Solaris. 

In September 2021, Alex came back to Image Engine as a CG Supervisor for Moon Knight, where he works with departments on what needs to be done and how to manage work efficiently. Alex ensures high-quality outputs, improves workflows, and helps solve issues for departments by coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. He has come to know many of the staff and finds joy in orchestrating everyone’s strengths and talents. With newcomers, Alex is always available to help mentor and grow junior artists.

In his free time, Alex likes to hack open source projects, such as improving Blender and their Cycles renderer, which he also brought into Gaffer. Additionally, he enjoys developing open game engines and real-time renderers for XR, PC, and mobile devices.