Becoming a VFX Supervisor: An Interview with Hannes Poser

Fresh off his second project as VFX Supervisor, Hannes Poser gives us his perspectives on how to transition successfully into the role, aspects of the job that took him by surprise, and the one quality he believes every VFX Supervisor should have.

2020 Year in Review

In our “2020 Year In Review,” we reflect on our team’s work by highlighting the case studies, most loved reels, and awards our crew has won over the past year – a year that also marks our 25th anniversary.

2019 Year in Review

As we come to the end of 2019, Image Engine looks back on an incredible year filled with many highlights, a few of which we showcase below.

The Story of the Plant Shoe – Native Shoes Commercial

Vancouver-based shoe company Native Shoes approached Image Engine to help translate their concept for showcasing their 100% plant-based shoes into a fully-realized 100% CG commercial. Executive Producer Geoff Anderson and Animation Supervisor Richard Spriggs take us through their process from storyboard to finished product, in this interview.

How Indie Filmmakers Can Leverage Blockbuster VFX – SXSW 2018

In this panel, leading minds from the world’s top visual effects studios reveal how independent filmmaking can benefit from the digital magic of visual effects and, in some cases, even reduce costs. The panel will discuss empowering the democratization of visual effects, how using the latest in technology can bring imagination to life, how visual effects can mitigate on-set challenges, and how artists today can deliver ideas above and beyond what’s possible in reality.

The secrets of creating real-looking CG digital doubles

Joao Sita discusses how Image Engine avoids the uncanny valley when creating CG humans, as it did for last year’s ‘X-Men for grownups’ film, Logan. He says crossing it requires less showing off, and more hiding behind the curtain.

Foundry Sessions: Jurassic World

The Foundry Sessions went behind the scenes on Jurassic World with Compositing Supervisor Joao Sita who presented on how Image Engine used NUKE to create the heart-thumping visual effects that brought the park back to life.

WIRED Design FX: Constructing Elysium’s Terrifyingly Real Dystopia

WIRED has an exclusive look at the visual effects of Director Neill Blomkamp’s dark futuristic thriller, Elysium. Find out how the artists at Image Engine brought the patrolling packs of armed Earth-bound robots to life and turned the real world nirvana of Malibu into the orbiting playground of the space-bound elite.