“This was my first opportunity to work with Image Engine and the experience was fantastic. Throughout season one, their team brought the alien landscapes, robots, and creatures of Lost in Space to life and rounded out our finale with phenomenal work on the robot fight.”

–Jabbar Raisani, Visual Effects Supervisor, Lost in Space

“We’re incredibly happy with the work in our show and can’t wait for the fans to see everything you all did. Your team should be incredibly proud. The collaboration was fantastic and thanks for bringing the creativity to each and every meeting.

–Terron Pratt, Visual Effects Producer, Lost in Space

“Image Engine served as one of the primary visual effects partners on Season 11 of  X-Files. Their creative team provided unique solutions to design challenges and consistently over-delivered with stunning visuals. Image Engine was our go-to solution when we had design challenges and expectations were high. They consistently over-delivered and really helped to shape the look of this season’s show.”

–Curt Miller, Visual Effects Supervisor, The X-Files

“Kudos to Image Engine for pulling the rabbit out of the proverbial hat on Thor: Ragnarok. With literally weeks to complete an entire sequence from start-to-finish, the team worked tirelessly to crack a daunting list of creative challenges – and genuinely seemed to have a great time doing it too! Thanks to everyone involved, I look forward to the next time.”

–Jake Morrison, Visual Effects Supervisor, Thor: Ragnarok

“Exceptional work from an exceptional team. Image Engine played a huge role in the success of the visual effects for Power Rangers. They developed a flawless Alpha5 and Zordon and then skillfully kept up with changing sequences and animation demands for both of their performances. In addition, they conceptualized and built a drop dead beautiful and eerie spaceship interior. Image Engine had confidence to meet the challenges of this show as well as the skill to back it up, I look forward to my next adventure with them.”

–Sean Faden, Visual Effects Supervisor, Power Rangers

“A huge thanks to the Image Engine team who delivered over 300 world class visual effects shots for Logan. Your work was remarkable not only for its creative and technical quality – but also for its great subtlety. It was a pleasure every step of the way and I look forward to working together again soon.”

– Chas Jarrett, Visual Effects Supervisor, Logan

“It was more than a pleasure working with Martyn and the Image Engine team on Fantastic Beasts.  Their creativity and attention to detail resulted in some amazing shots and Beasts!  I look forward to working with them again…”

–Christian Manz, Visual Effects Supervisor, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

“For the sequel to Independence Day, Martyn and the team at Image Engine delivered 165 photo-real shots with challenging CG environments and flawless creature animation. Finally the aliens that were introduced in ID4 twenty years ago really came to life. Thank you for the constantly high quality standard of your shots. I had a ball working with you and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

–Volker Engel, Visual Effects Supervisor/Co-Producer, Independence Day: Resurgence

“Last Witch Hunter is all done and dusted. So I wanted to say thank you for sticking with us to the very end and busting out so much great work along the way. As always, it’s a such a great pleasure to work with our northern brethren. You did us proud, right up to the end, turning out so very unexpected and beautiful work. I watched the film being put together last night, and all you work looks fantastic.”

– Nick Brooks, Visual Effects Supervisor, The Last Witch Hunter

“You have been a pleasure to work with through and through! You have the thanks of a grateful Westeros!”

– Steve Kullback, Visual Effects Producer, Game of Thrones

“Thank you so very much for the late night, weekend, holiday, exhausting, diligent, thorough, hardworking and wonderful job that you and the Image Engine team are doing. Extremely appreciative.”

– Michael Owens, Visual Effects Supervisor, American Sniper

“Seamless, nuanced, and rigorously authentic, Image Engine’s visual effects take ‘reality’ to a whole new level.”

– Kathryn Bigelow, Director, Zero Dark Thirty

“Working with Simon and the Image Engine team was a great collaborative experience, and in a tight time frame they produced fantastic invisible effects, I look forward to working with them in the future.”

– Daniel Espinosa, Director, Safe House

“Immortals is now my third film with Image Engine, and as always I am extremely proud of their work. Their deep breadth of creative talent matched with industry leading technologies allowed us to once again produce something that compels audiences. Thank you to all the artists and management for your efforts and support over what proved to be a challenging design process. I very much look forward to working with you in future.”

– Raymond Gieringer, Visual Effects Supervisor, Immortals

“I want to congratulate and praise all the artists at Image Engine for all the incredible work they have done on The Thing. As being the prequel to John Carpenters The Thing the bar was already extremely high and Image Engine pulled it off. Not only the end result but from the very early concept phase Image Engine gave me the freedom and the creative support which was so essential to make this film work. Thanks again and hopefully till the next movie.”

– Matthijs van Heijningen, Director, The Thing

“Shawn, you guys rocked it! EA is very pleased with the end results! Thanks for everything.”

– Steve Brooks, Post Production Director, Electronic Arts, SSX: Deadly Descents

“Image Engine completed some of the hardest VFX work on Twilight Eclipse. Their 3D Wolves are amongst the best in the film but represent just a portion of the stunning work that they created. Image Engine have found the balance between creative passion and technological excellence. And their commitment and can-do attitude made an extremely challenging project, a great experience! David and I would like to express our great admiration and gratitude to all the Artists, R&D Team and Management at Image Engine. They are trusted collaborators.”

– Nick Brooks, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

“I have nothing but respect and thanks for everyone at Image Engine for the hard work they put into The Twilight Saga Eclipse. Beyond technical excellence, they have a pride in their work that pushes them to create the very best in any given scenario. Their VFX pipeline is unparalleled as far as I have experienced, allowing them to get things done quickly without sacrificing quality. The superb craftsmanship, creative edge and sheer enthusiasm Image Engine bring to their work is something every film needs.”

– David Slade, Director, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

“Image Engine’s work is looking so rad! By far the best visual effects work that has ever been produced in Vancouver.”

– Neill Blomkamp, Director

“Within a very tight time frame, I was very impressed with how creative and pleasant the team at Image Engine was and the amazing quality of the results.”

– Sylvain White, Director, The Losers

“I want to sincerely thank and praise everyone at Image Engine for what you created. From a management and scheduling perspective Image Engine dealt with all the hurdles “District 9″ threw at us brilliantly. In terms of the aliens in particular I think Image Engine has done absolutely top tier brilliant work that far exceeded my expectations! Please thank the artists and everyone involved for slaving over my film and coming through in such a huge way.”

– Neill Blomkamp, Director, District 9

“When we approached Image Engine we didn’t think that these Academy Award-nominated artists would give us a second look. However, as a local Vancouver company they try to support local talent whenever they could, so they were willing to take it on. We couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. They did a fantastic job.”

– Daniel Domachowski, Producer, Bloody Knuckles

“Law Abiding Citizen was my second opportunity to work with Image Engine. The show was design laden book ended against a very aggressive post-production schedule. With respect to both, IE rose to the occasion. Their artists input proved invaluable; at the same time, the maturity of their pipeline was impressive. I look forward to working with them in future.”

– Raymond Gieringer, Visual Effects Supervisor, Law Abiding Citizen

“Shawn, thanks for all your help on the show. You and your crew were fantastic and I am glad we have a working relationship now. I look forward to working with Image Engine again in the near future. Thanks again!”

– Paul Molles, Visual Effects Producer, The Incredible Hulk

“If Image Engine were a woman, I’d marry her.”

– James Gunn, Writer-Director, Slither

“Image Engine is one of those amazing finds that keep the fun in meeting new people. They are by far the most feature friendly vendor in Vancouver. I look forward to the next time we can work together.”

– Kevin Tod Haug, Visual Effects Designer

“We, BrightLight Pictures, were so fortunate to have Image Engine available to work for us on “Slither” and “White Noise 2: The Light”. Image Engine is one of the few firms in Canada that can do animation on a schedule. They are also quite professional about the details.”

– Joan Collins-Carey, Visual Effects Producer & Supervisor

“It was a true honour for me to work with all of you. I hope I have the opportunity to do so again.”

– Patrick Lussier, Director, White Noise 2: The Light

“When we viewed Image Engine’s reel their work had a real cinematographic sensibility – the key to successful Previs. This creativity certainly played through to their work on “Night at the Museum.” The work was extremely successful.”

– Ellen Somers, Visual Effects Producer

“…It was a great experience from start to finish. Our deadline was tight and we needed a solid company with great artists to make this project work…”

– Mark Breakspear, Visual Effects Supervisor

“I can’t thank you guys enough for pushing this previz out so fast!”

– Dan Foster, Visual Effects Producer, Rhythm & Hues Studios

“You guys did a great job with the Previs and I would not hesitate to get you involved on the next project.”

– Ken Wallace, Visual Effects Producer, They Came from Upstairs

“Your crew hit the ball outta the park on this one!”

– Jamie Stevenson, Visual Effects Producer, Tooth Fairy

“Here’s my notes. Damn, you’re good. Thanks for the fine work and quick turnaround.”

– Damon Santostefano , Director, Another Cinderella Story

“Thank your guys for me again for all their hard work!”

– Jeff Okun, Visual Effects Supervisor, The Day the Earth Stood Still

“Great work in a short amount of time. Thanks everyone.”

– Rich Thorne, Co-Producer, Dragonball: Evolution

“I just wanted to take a quick sec and say thanks. You guys were really on the ball with helping get these BGs back and forth. It really made things so much easier for me on this end. Thanks for accommodating our requests and always being so helpful. It’s really been a pleasure and I look forward to possibly working with you guys again in the future.”

– Bill Murphy, Digital Production Manager, Rhythm & Hues Studios