The mother of Independence Day resurgences | June 27, 2016 | Original Article

Image Engine were tasked with modelling and animating all the aliens in the film other than the main Queen Alien. The team did about 165 shots. Of those, 96 shots included characters.

The three main locations were in the holding prison, up inside the alien ship after the failed attack, and the foliage sequence in the harvest area. Martyn Culpitt served as the VFX Supervisor for Image Engine with Jason Snyman as Animation Supervisor, Mark Wendell as CG Supervisor, and Keegen Douglas as Comp Supervisor.

In this film there were at least three very distinctive aliens. The Queen Alien at the end of the film (handled by Weta) and then Colonist and Soldier aliens. The Colonist were the only aliens that had been seen in the first film. Thus, the Soldier aliens allowed Image Engine more flexibility in terms of design under the supervision of lead character designer Aaron Sims. The Colonists are about 12 feet tall and the soldiers much larger and more aggressive, and they have their armor more built in. They also have distinctively new forms for their legs. “The main thing is the size – they are a lot more intimidating and the colonist had a rifle and now the soldiers have more of a cannon,” explained Culpitt.

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