Milk Co-Founder Urges VFX Community to Hire More Women

The Hollywood Reporter | May 4, 2017 | Original Article

Receiving applause, Will Cohen, co-founder and exec producer at U.K.-based visual effects house Milk, asserted Thursday that “it’s up to us to further the roles of women in the VFX industry. We owe it to ourselves to make a difference.”

Speaking on a panel about midsize VFX companies Thursday at the VFX confab FMX in Stuttgart, Germany, he added: “We notice more women coming in on the entry level, which I’m pleased to say. But not a lot of women are in senior roles of either side of the camera.” (Milk, incidentally, represents a notable exception; the studio was co-founded by Sara Bennett, who became only the second woman to win an Oscar in VFX in 2016 for Milk’s contributions to Ex Machina.)

Kevin Baillie, co-founder and VFX supervisor of Atomic Fiction (The Walk), agreed with Cohen, emphasizing the importance of education. “To support women in the industry — there has to be a lot of women in the industry — education plays a big role.”

Sitting in size and scope between VFX giants and small boutiques, midsize facilities are — in the words of Image Engine (Logan) exec producer and general manager Shawn Walsh — doing “kick-ass work and, if done well, are more powerful than a boutique while maintaining a nimbleness to change with the times.”

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