Lost in Space: Danger Will Robinson

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Lost in Space is a new Netflix series based on the 1965 series of the same name, following the adventures of a pioneering space family whose spaceship veers off-course. It consists of 10 episodes.

After extinction event threatens Earth, a number of Jupiter ships, taking selected families, are sent to colonize a new world. The Robinson family is selected for the 24th such ship, their Jupiter 2 crash lands on an unknown but habitable planet. During their adventures Will encounters an alien robot and its crashed ship; he befriends.

Image Engine, with its long history of VFX droids and robots was tasked with providing the alien robot in all its’ forms. While they did some other visual effects environment work, the focus of their work was the innovative robot. Image Engine were one of the key vendors on the project doing over 266 shots, primarily robot creature animation.

Original form

Given the various developments over the 10 episodes and especially the fight in the final episode, the droids needed to appear at varying levels of damage.

In episode 1 we are introduced to the Robinson Family and, unlike the original 1965 version, the family robot was not part of the original crew and not even from earth. When Will Robinson finds a crashed alien ship, he climbs a tree and and finds a robot which is heavily damaged. In the crash, the robot has been thrown clear, but split in two as it was impaled on a tree branch.

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