Logan: I will make you hurt | March 9, 2017 | Original Article

Hugh Jackman decided that he wanted Wolverine 3 to be a mix of Unforgiven (1992), The Wrestler (2008) and Shane (1953). Director James Mangold provided the stage, for him to deliver this moving performance.

Production VFX Supervisor Chas Jarrett supervised the 1100 visual effects shots from Image Engine, Rising Sun, Soho VFX, Lola, and an in-house team. The film was pre-vized by Halon, headed by Clint Reagan.

Digital Logan: beyond head replication

Image Engine handled most of the digital doubles for the film, doing the primary work on both Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen who plays Laura. The company completed 299 shots, mainly full digital head replacements.

Much of the work Image Engine did in the film is quite subtle, according to Martyn Culpitt, Image Engine’s VFX Supervisor on the film. “It is not like there are dinosaurs running through the forest,” he comments. While the film is graphic and clear, for safety reasons it involved visual effects. Much of the most complex work Image Engine did is invisible head, face or body replacements to allow for the film’s complex stunts and hard core action.

The Canadian team completed 63 head replacements in 51 shots, as some scenes involved multiple characters in the same shot. The company also did ten full digital body doubles and then environments, explosions, and set extensions.

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