Logan VFX reel shows how Hugh Jackman’s clone eerily comes to life

SYFY WIRE | March 15th, 2018 | Read More

Arguably one of the most badass elements of Logan was seeing Hugh Jackman play two parts as he faced off with the evil Wolverine clone known as X-24. What was more terrifying was just how scarily realistic it looked seeing Jackman play the two parts onscreen.

Of course, X-24 was played by a CG actor in the movie, with Jackman’s face digitally inserted in the edit suite. Now a fascinating special effects reel (via io9) shows just how the filmmakers brought Logan’s antagonist to life and pushed the boundaries of photorealism in the process. And things have certainly come a long way from the golden era of using trick photography and split screens to get the “twinning” effect on camera.

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