Independence Day: Resurgence – Featuring Martyn Culpitt

3D World Magazine | Featuring Martyn Culpitt | July 2016 | Download Original Article

Epic is a word that crops up a lot when talking with Martyn Culpitt, VFX supervisor with Image Engine, who were responsible for creating 170 shots for Independence Day: Resurgence.

It comes as no surprise, given director Roland Emmerich’s track record of grand-scale destruction, and Image Engine’s successful collaboration on the same movies, White House Down and 2012, we’d expect nothing less than complete and utter global chaos.

“Very ambitious; the movie is epic!” exclaims Martyn. “The scale of the shots is absolutely huge. There are so many different pieces that are needed for each shot. A lot of the work we did was with the actors on blue screen plates, so it was a lot of work to create the full-CG environments that surrounded them.”

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