In His Mind’s Eye – Peter Muyzers Elysium Interview


VFX supervisor Peter Muyzers on creating the intangible in ‘Elysium’

Crafting something as elaborate, intricate and unfamiliar as a space station inhabited by humans miles away from Earth circa the year 2154 could be a daunting undertaking for any illustrator or visual effects designer. But not for Peter Muyzers and his team at Image Engine, who were responsible for making Elysium a reality.

“[I’m] most proud of the way Elysium looks as a space station,” the visual effects supervisor said of the dwelling place for the very wealthy in the film. “There was an insurmountable amount of time that passed [when working on it]. I think we mastered it and made it believable. All of the terrain, all of the mansions, there’s actually so much detail. There are birds flying around. There are people playing tennis.”

The team worked on close to 1,000 visual effects shots to dazzle viewers, from the various robots and droids, to the flying vehicles integral to the look and feel of Elysium.

Muyzers unveiled some of the secrets behind the movie’s myriad visual effects to a capacity-filled room during a presentation at Autodesk University in Las Vegas Dec. 4.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases the sci-fi actioner, starring Matt Damon and Jodi Foster, as a Blu-ray Disc combo pack and on DVD and Digital HD UltraViolet Dec. 17.

Elysium centers on one blue-collar man’s dangerous mission to bring equality to two polarized worlds: that of the elite, manmade space station of Elysium and of the overpopulated, dismal Earth.

“It’s a great action story,” Muyzers said.  “I don’t tend to buy a lot of the films I work on because I work on a film for so long, and I get tired of it. But actually I’m looking forward to Elysium. It just shows a variety of the complexities of the work. There’s always something different in every single scene. Elysium has these really cool, provoking environments, whether it’s run-down Earth or the pristine conditions of Elysium, and I’m just intrigued by that story.”

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