Image Engine suits up for Independence Day and Final Fantasy with Xsens MVN

Xsens | March 1, 2017 | Original Article

Independence Day: Resurgence and Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive posed two wildly varied challenges to Image Engine’s animation team. However, by donning Xsens MVN mocap suits, artists could deliver quick-and-easy animation – capturing both performances and the imagination of audiences worldwide.

The Vancouver-based Image Engine has achieved renown for its body of work in the creature creation space, from the Academy Award-nominated ‘prawns’ of District 9 to the velociraptors of Jurassic World.

Part of the allure of these creatures is the realistic locomotion that drives them. Via lithe, organic movement these animals and aliens are infused with a tactile physicality, even though – in reality – they’re completely digital creations.

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