Image Engine Nominated for 2 VES Awards

Image Engine artists have received two nominations for the Visual Effects Society’s 12th Annual VES Awards, the company is pleased to announce. The nominations recognize the company’s work on Elysium in the categories of ‘Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture’ and ‘Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture’.

“We are very proud that our work has been nominated for these prestigious awards. Image Engine was delighted to re-team with director Neill Blomkamp, and thankful for the opportunity to realize his unique vision. Congratulations to the nominees and to all the VFX crew for this recognition of their achievements,” said Peter Muyzers, Visual Effects Supervisor for the production.

Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture

Elysium: Torus

Votch Levi

Joshua Ong

Barry Poon

Kent Matheson

Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture


Jean Lapointe

Jordan Benwick

Robin Hackl

Janeen Elliott

The nominated environment is the Torus of Elysium, the luxury orbital space station from which the film takes its name. Image Engine’s in-house art department realized the concept design, which was inspired by drawings from legendary concept artist Syd Mead. The Torus was an entirely computer-generated environment, with digital geometry so complex it contained upwards of 3 trillion polygons and took over a year of postproduction to create. Whiskytree from San Rafael, CA, collaborated with Image Engine to populate the structure with photoreal computer generated terrain.

The compositors were challenged with seamlessly integrating the digital set extensions and space backdrops, as well as the computer generated droids, which were represented by stunt actors in gray suits on set, and replacing helicopters filmed on set with digital space vehicles.

Janeen Elliott, one of this year’s Image Engine nominees, collected a VES Award for ‘Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture’ in 2010 for Neill Blomkamp’s previous feature film District 9, for which Image Engine was also recognized with VES nominations for ‘Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Feature Motion Picture’ and ‘Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture’.

The 12th Annual VES Awards is the prestigious yearly celebration that recognizes outstanding visual effects artistry and innovation in film, animation, television, commercials and video games. The Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.