Image Engine Delivers Out-of-this-World Effects for ‘Lost in Space’

IN THE PRESS | Animation World Network | June 26th, 2018 | Read More

The shipwrecked family from The Swiss Family Robinson authored by Johann David Wyss in 1812 was transported from an uncharted island to a mysterious planet in the original Lost in Space, which aired back in 1965. The television series famous for Robby the Robot declaring “Danger, Will Robinson,” was relaunched on Netflix with Jabbar Raisani (Game of Thrones) supervising the visual effects for the first season which included contributions from Image Engine on 266 shots featuring a forest fire, a bisected robot, an alien butterfly, a spaceship falling off of a cliff and battling robots.

Visual effects plates were turned over to Image Engine in June 2017, with final delivery taking place in February 2018. “I was on the show for a full year,” recounts Image Engine VFX supervisor Joao Sita. “It was special to be brought on for the first season because you’re there to assist everybody in figuring out the look and performances as well as help engage the audience in the story. They were shooting here in Vancouver and that was great because we could go onset and participate much more in the creative process.”

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