How Digital Makeup Is Freeing Filmmakers And Actors To Tell New Kinds Of Stories

IN THE PRESS | UPROXX | June 4th, 2018 | Read More

The Golden Age of Hollywood was supported by legions of artists that created both subtle effects and grand vistas, but nowhere was that work more visible than in the actors and the makeup that created the monsters, aliens, and fantasies that filled people’s imaginations. These were triumphs of human ingenuity and the height of what was available in a less technologically advanced time. As technology often does, those limits have stretched and storytelling has matched it step by step.

As we look at this new Golden Age of near-limitless on-screen fantasy, it can be easy to assume that CGI has removed that human element because we so often forget that innovations are at their most dazzling when paired with people capable of pushing them to their limit. But while the tools have changed, the need for artisans hasn’t and the goals also remain the same: free actors and directors to create without straining the bounds of the audience’s imagination.

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