Going otherworldly on “Independence Day: Resurgence” Part 2 of 2

AREA Autodesk | July 18, 2016 | Original Article

“We find small, subtle things to add, giving control to animation, extra blend shapes, or some texture detail that maybe doesn’t stand out but does draw your eye in right away.” – Barry Poon, Asset Supervisor.

We sat with the outta-this-world creature creators at Image Engine to learn this and more when it comes to feature creatures and those far out aliens in the new, “Independence Day: Resurgence.”

Tell us about Image Engine’s approach to creating new creatures.

Barry Poon, Asset Supervisor: Our approach is to always use as much real-world reference as possible. We have an in-house concept artist we work closely with to develop our designs, or to further our client’s design ideas, and that gets buy-in and facilitates good direction before we start working on the production asset. We also hold team meetings to discuss the asset, any challenges we might have, and things we need to develop, and this lets us start testing before we get too far into production.

Mark Wendell, CG Supervisor: Because we don’t have armies of artists to throw shot work at, we try to front-load as much intelligence, design, and technology into our assets, our characters, our rigs, our look-dev setups, and so forth, as we can. That way, when artists get into shot work, they actually work and don’t need a team of shot sculptors to fix issues with animation or issues with various things that might happen. We put a lot of our effort into the technology and the asset build rather than piling people on at shot time.

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