Getting A+ VFX

MovieMaker Magazine | Featuring Shawn Walsh | November 2016 | Download Original Article

The average indie moviemaker: “Visual effects? Not on my budget.” Not so fast. Independent features can make the most of visual effects by using them in smart ways. We asked some of the best visual effects artists in the field to burst some misconceptions and reassure your producers: Hey, that sequence is possible!

Hear “VFX” and people think immediately of CG characters and out-of-this-world environments. But there are a plethora of other uses for visual effects: stunts, green-screen and blue-screen compositing, simulating natural phenomena, bullet hits and many more. How you use visual effects, and how much you use them, will of course depend on the story you want to tell, and on your budget.

Yet our experts all say that you shouldn’t immediately presume visual effects are going to be expensive. Indeed, VFX can sometimes
save money on production. Ultimately, working out what visual effects to use within your budget isn’t really that much different from working out what locations to shoot and what costumes you need. It’s all about planning.

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