How to Get a Great Performance from a VFX Artist

Inverse | August 29, 2016 | Original Article

Directors have a lot more on their plates than just dealing with actors these days. In fact, maybe the most challenging part of the job now is planning out the big visual-effects scenes with VFX supervisors. These supes have an ever-increasing role in the storytelling side of filmmaking. So, Inverse decided to ask a bunch of VFX supervisors, many of them Oscar-winners or nominees, a simple question: “What is the best direction you’ve ever gotten from a director?”

Martyn Culpitt (Independence Day: Resurgence, Jurassic World, San Andreas, White House Down): I think the best direction I ever received was from Roland Emmerich on Independence Day: Resurgence. He told us that he fully trusted the Image Engine team to drive the animation and overall creative of the aliens’ movements, as well as giving us the oversight to determine when a shot was ready for final. By placing that trust in the team Roland instilled a level of confidence that enabled us to get into a good groove – we fully understood the work and the look that Roland liked, and knew that he had the faith in us to deliver on it. With that in mind we felt free to be as flexible and exploratory as we needed to be, which always results in a more impressive, fully fleshed out final look for a CG character.

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