FANTASTIC BEASTS – THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD: Martyn Culpitt – VFX Supervisor – Image Engine

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What was your feeling to be back in the Harry Potter universe?
It was very exciting for me to be working on another part of the series in FANTASTIC BEASTS. It’s a very artistic and beautiful universe. I love the creatures and environments and it’s a fantastic challenge to figure out how we get to bring the work to life.

How was this new collaboration with director David Yates and with VFX Supervisors Christian Manz and Tim Burke?
We worked solely with Christian Manz on CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD. Tim and Christian split the VFX supervision role 50/50. Christian is a great supervisor to work with, and I was very excited to have the opportunity to work with him again. We had formed a strong relationship and understanding from the first Fantastic Beasts movie, and so it’s awesome to build on that trust and relationship.

David Yates was very receptive to everything we showed him and was open to Christian and me driving a lot of the heavy VFX side of things. It was great to be able to push our work to the level we did and hit all his creative marks and more. He was over the moon with the look of our sequences and was very appreciative to all the work we have done. We had a lot of temps to deliver very early on to sell the sequences and understand all the challenges, and he was blown away by how we managed to get it to such a high level for his reviews. It really helped to build on the trust we had developed from the first movie with him.

How did you use your experience of the first Fantastic Beasts for this new episode?
Coming from the first FANTASTIC BEASTS movie to this second in the series was really exciting. We know the characters and the universe they all live in. It’s definitely a smoother start to a project when you understand the background of where it all comes from.

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