Emmy Contender: The Lost in Space robot fight was modeled on Fight Club and superheroes

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The original script for the Lost in Space finale didn’t have two robots duking it out – only a second alien robot (let’s call that one SAR) that would show up so Will Robinson’s Robot could knock him out of the garage, saving the family. When the show’s senior VFX supervisor (and previous Emmy winner) Jabbar Raisani read that, he knew it wasn’t enough.

“I was like, ‘That’s really too short. You need a robot fight,'” Raisani told SYFY WIRE. “You don’t watch 10 hours of this show only not to see a robot fight.”

Luckily, executive producer Burk Sharpless agreed and the fight was on.

But how to choreograph the CG scrimmage? Raisani invited designers from Image Engine to the set to powwow with episode director David Nutter, stunt coordinator Jeff Aro, and the Robot himself, Brian Steele, and together they came up with a plan. Then the Image Engine team went back to their office, put on motion-capture suits, and worked out the blocking. “It was like their own version of Fight Club,” Raisani said.

“You need a human-like performance,” said Image Engine’s visual effects supervisor, Joao Sita. “How does your body change when someone tackles you? We started it out very violent, and it was too much, so we had to dial that down a little bit.”

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