The 10 best VFX and animation breakdowns of 2017

CG Channel | January 9th, 2018 | Original Article

Last January, we posted a list of the 10 best visual effects breakdowns of 2016, as selected by our Facebook followers. It proved to be so popular that we thought we’d do the same this year.
Below, we’ve taken the breakdown videos that got the most interactions on the CG Channel Facebook feed during 2017, and divided them into 10 categories, from blockbuster movies to student projects.
We’ve spread the net wider than we did last year, so as well as visual effects, this year’s list covers feature animation, motion graphics and – courtesy of the year’s most-viewed breakdown – even projection mapping.
It goes without saying that all the CG on display is excellent, but bear in mind that this isn’t a rundown of the biggest or best movies or TV shows of 2017: it’s a run-down of the best breakdowns. Editing, presentation, and the quality of the making-of material on display all count for a lot here, too.
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