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Lighting Supervisor

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From September/October 2017



Well known for our work on Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, Image Engine has gone on to create numerous incredible creatures, epic environments and extraordinary digital effects for a broad range of feature films! We are led by a team of creative and passionate individuals who are committed to furthering the art of visual storytelling, and helping our exceptionally talented crew to push the boundaries of artistic and technical achievement at our studio.


The primary focus of the Lighting Supervisor position is to own and manage of all aspects of the Lighting department. From artist management, shot assignments, to shot finalization during post production, the Supervisor will lead by example, deliver briefs, references and set the quality standards.

The Lighting Supervisor will work closely with the Visual Effects Supervisor to establish a creative lighting approach based on client direction. Once lighting approach is determined, the Lighting Supervisor will oversee all work and ensure all shots meet client expectations with minimal guidance from the Visual Effect Supervisor.

The Lighting Supervisor will keep track of all scenes and monitor delivery progress to ensure shot targets are met. They will communicate creative updates to the Lighting Coordinator and will flag issues so that they may be addressed by Production.

They will coach, guide and provide feedback to artists ensuring detailed and high quality work is delivered to Image Engine clients. Lighting Supervisors will be responsible for employee performance management and supervision.

Equally, the Lighting Supervisor will establish themselves as a key member of the leadership team and will build relationships with all Image Engine Supervisors/Leads. They will leverage their relationships with department Supervisors to build cross-departmental efficiencies. They will communicate with the Leads and Producers to develop cost effective bids to assist Image Engine procure new business opportunities.


  • Be responsible for light, shadow, color and value on all the shots your team is assigned to
  • Be aware of the Client and VFX/ Supervisors vision and assist the team in delivering quality Lighting that meets those standards
  • Work with the CG Supervisor to set up the shots workflow and develop the look of the shots
  • Work with the CG Supervisor and the Asset Supervisor (lookdev) to insure the assets are optimized enough to insure economical shots production
  • Utilize effective communication skills to receive client notes and deliver instructions/feedback to the VFX Supervisor and artists
  • Provide visual references, recommendations or technical solutions for effective task completion
  • Review scope of work and assign tasks based on artist skills/abilities
  • Ensure quality standards are met by administering final quality control checks for all artist’s work prior to presenting competed shots to the VFX supervisor
  • Have a solid understanding of the Lighting tools, and pipeline in order to assist the rest of the Lighting team
  • Assist Lighting TDs in interpreting the VFX supervisor's notes, as needed
  • Develop new tools or work with a developer or TD to develop tools to ensure the team has the tools and information they need to carry out their tasks
  • Offer guidance and mentoring for junior to mid-level Lighting TDs
  • Use time management skills to schedule meetings and tasks effectively
  • Manage time and resources to meet weekly targets
  • Interview, select and train artists
  • Engage in the performance management process such as performance reviews, daily feedback, and mentoring
  • Communicate artist surplus or deficits to ensure profit and loss margins are maximized



  • A minimum of 5 years Lighting experience VFX for films/ commercials
  • 2 years of experience as a Lead
  • Supervisory experience is an asset
  • Expert knowledge of a physically plausible renderer like Arnold
  • Experience on-set as a photographer or cinematographer is an asset
  • Strong aptitude for technical workflow challenges such as directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience teaching/ mentoring co-workers and assume leadership role
  • Assess and optimize render performance to make optimal use of available renderfarm allocation


Technical skills

  • Ability to train and coach artists in Lighting techniques and approaches
  • Ability to analyze the cost/benefit ratio of a prospective setting change. Be able to weigh whether the improvement of the look merits the cost of a render iteration to the company
  • Able to create multiple types of Lighting scenarios from simple to difficult with minimal supervision
  • Good understanding of photography and film, and how interactions of light, shadows, lenses and film emulsions make up the image
  • Thorough understanding of a linear color-space workflow
  • Excellent eye for detail for quality control

Core skills

  • Ability to complete bids; determine the timeframe and scope required for each project
  • Ability to troubleshoot and deal with competing priorities
  • Capable of managing a team of artists; setting expectations, and managing their time
  • Ability to assess artist’s strengths and weaknesses to assign tasks and manage workflow
  • Strong desire and ability to help artists grow technically, creatively or as individuals
  • Excellent time management and communication skills
  • Excellent problem solver who can focus on detail, while maintaining the whole picture

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