Birds of a Feather: Cortex Open Source Framework

(August 8, 2011)

Image Engine’s lead programmer, John Haddon hosted a presentation on the latest developments in Cortex, an open-source framework for visual effects software development, to which Image Engine is a primary contributor. He was joined by recent users and contributors Andrew Kaufman (Image Engine), Carsten Kolve (Dr. D Studios), Johannes Saam (Fuel VFX) Ollie Rankin (Method Studios) and Paolo Berto (Jupiter Jazz).

Pixologic: ZBrush Demonstrations

(August 9/10, 2011)

Marco Menco, Ty Shelton and Gustavo Yamin shared their expertise at the Pixologic booth, with live demonstrations using ZBrush.

NVidia Theatre: Image Engine Whips Up a Storm for EA’s SSX

(August 9/10, 2011)

Jeff Ranasinghe presented Image Engine’s work on the game trailers for EA’s franchise: SSX which streamed live on Facebook.

Business Think Tank

(August 7, 2011)

Image Engine’s Head of Studio, Jason Dowdeswell joined the Business Think Tank symposium, moderated by David Cohen, to discuss ‘The Culture of the Business’.

Courtesy of SIGGRAPH 2011

Computer Graphics World: SIGGRAPH Student Volunteer Panel

(August 6, 2011)

Jason Dowdeswell shared his industry insights with the SIGGRAPH student volunteers at the convention centre.

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