Mathias Lautour
CG Supervisor

Mathias brings over 15 years’ experience in lookdev and lighting to Image Engine as CG supervisor.

Mathias grew up fascinated by the world of computers and video games and started as a kid creating 2d graphics on his dad’s computer. He studied electronics and computer science after high school and then transitioned into studying traditional art. He spent two years at Supinfocom, supplementing his self-taught knowledge in 3d animation.

He secured his first job as a junior CG artist for Belgian studio Nozon, where he spent five-and-a-half years honing his craft, specializing in shading and lighting techniques while climbing the ranks to rendering supervisor.

Mathias joined Nwave Digital in 2006 as lighting supervisor, working on the full-CG Fly Me to the Moon while contributing to building various aspects of the pipeline for the company. Following this, he moved to renowned Australian studio Animal Logic, where he contributed to Legend of the Guardians and then to director George Miller’s new facility, DrD Studios, where he worked on Happy Feet 2.

While at DrD Studios, Mathias took on the biggest challenge of his career to date – recruiting and leading a team of over 100 artists and technical directors, and being paramount in the development of the lighting and shading production pipeline.

Mathias joined Image Engine to lead the lookdev and lighting teams on 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty and has since worked on the studio’s big-ticket productions, including Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, Jurassic World, CHAPPiE, and Logan.

It was his work on Columbia Pictures’ CHAPPiE that provided Mathias with the biggest and most rewarding project of his career to date. He spent over one and a half years working on the movie as the Look Development Lead and contributed with the shading of the main robot character, as well as leading the lookdev of every other asset in the project.

As CG supervisor at Image Engine, Mathias ensures the quality and creative goals of each and every project are fulfilled to their maximum capability.