Greg Holmes

Greg Holmes
Chief Executive Officer

Greg is a founding partner and the CEO of Image Engine. His role at the company has evolved in recent years, as he has guided the company through industry changes in Vancouver and periods of accelerated growth.

Greg’s background as a Chartered Accountant gave him the financial and business acumen to succeed in his first foray into the digital technology business, as the President of the Distacom Group in the 1980’s.

There, he was responsible for business operations including the expansion of wireless communication investments in Canada, several mergers and acquisitions and contributed to the development of Hutchison Telecom in Hong Kong, one of the world’s most successful wireless companies.

In 1995, as President of a group of post-production companies in Vancouver, Greg co-founded Image Engine Design Inc along with Christopher Mossman and Robin Hackl.

In 2001, after some quality sailing time with the family, Greg accepted the role of Chairman and CFO of Image Engine, where he supported the operations through a period of steady growth and achievement in visual effects for television series’.

From 2006 Greg took on the role of President/CEO and, alongside a team of experienced and passionate individuals, lead the company into the business of visual effects for feature films. As the executive responsible for financial strategy, management and controls, Greg built a solid infrastructure, which has supported Image Engine’s reach to become a world-class provider of effects for feature films.

Since Image Engine’s merger with Cinesite, Greg has taken on the role of Group CEO overseeing Cinesite London and Cinesite Montreal in addition to Image Engine.