Charlene Eberle

Charlene Eberle
Visual Effects Executive Producer

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Charlene has been an integral part of Image Engine’s senior team since joining the studio in mid­ 2014. With almost two decades’ experience in visual effects production on feature films, television and commercials projects across North America, a passion for the visual effects industry and having held wide­-ranging roles from supervision to production, Charlene brings a lot to the table.

After graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in Cinematography and Film/Video production, Charlene broke into the visual effects industry as a freelancer in Vancouver. In her early roles, Charlene discovered her passion and aptitude for creative decision­-making in the fast­-paced on set environment.

A journeywoman in the visual effects industry, Charlene has worked at several studios prior to her arrival at Image Engine. Recognizing that her natural talent for communication and crew management would be well suited to a career in production, Charlene took on her first role as on­set visual effects producer for Dragonball. Since then she has gone on to produce the visual effects for films including The Twilight Saga: New Moon; Final Destination 5; Man of Steel; A Good Day to Die Hard; Into The Storm; and Wolf of Wall Street, among others.

Charlene’s creative production approach is informed by the fully rounded knowledge of the filmmaking process she gained as a visual effects supervisor – resulting in a consummate understanding of the needs, pressures and challenges of creative teams and clients alike.

Charlene joined Image Engine to helm the studio’s visual effects production team on Point Break and is currently the Image Engine Executive Producer on Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.